torsdag, september 18, 2008

Mail tror att detta är skräppost

From Mrs Gloriana Cayetano.
Datum: torsdag 18 sep 2008 16.53.50 GMT+02:00

My dear,
I am Mrs. Gloriana Maria Cayetano, the wife of Mr.Alan Peter Cayetano, a senator during President Joseph Estrada regime in Philippine. Who is recently killed in Philippines.
I contacted you to help me secured a sum of US$7.5 Million in your place until I am able to come over because I am in a tight condition right now here in Philippines under the hands of my late husband brothers. My late husband deposited this box of money in a security company as family valuables during the time his account in the bank was being probe by the new Government in other to save the money before his sudden death.
If you will assist me with your true mind without betraying me at the end, I will offer you 15% of the total money for your kind assistance. Reply me as soon as possible so that I can give you more information.

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